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Our Mission
To build a network of rescues, businesses, and individuals who work TOGETHER to save sick, homeless and unwanted dogs in Michigan.

Businesses:  Do you have a service (grooming, training, graphic design, etc.) or product (pet food, toys, meds, etc.) that you would be willing to offer to rescues in your area at a significant discount? Not only would you be helping to save animals, but you would receive free advertising and referrals of adoptive families. In addition, we will post information and a link on the Participating Businesses page of our website. If you are not in a “pet business,” local rescues are always in need of financial support. Maybe your business could sponsor the medical care of one rescued animal a month. Monetary donations/sponsorships are acknowledged on rescue websites and publications.

       Bringing families together
- Ray and Sheila P. along with Duke 
Why should you join our effort?

Rescues:  The benefits of working together are enormous. Need help with transport of an animal? How about that home visit that is three hours away? Get a call about a rabbit that needs re-homing? Know someone who is looking for a specific breed, age, or color you don’t have…? We are all involved in rescue because we share a passion and desire to save the helpless, to mend the sick, and re-home the unwanted pets in our area. Why not work together to be more efficient and more effective? We will add information and a link to your rescue on our website…we only ask that you be willing to help other rescues when able. In addition, there is a rescue blog available to make requests for help, to offer assistance or advice, and just connect with other rescues in Michigan.

Individual Volunteers:  Volunteers are needed to work with the animals, help at events, hold fundraisers, maintain websites, make phone calls, and so much more. We will connect you with a rescue in your area that will utilize your specific talents and interests. Rescues are especially in need of foster homes. We are building a network of foster homes across Michigan. You can choose to work with one specific rescue (pure breed rescue or one local to you), or any that have the type of animal (dog/cat, large/small, etc.) you prefer to foster. 

Please contact us at mirescuenetwork@gmail.com if you would like to join in our effort to save the thousands of pets in need in Michigan. We strongly believe that working together is the answer.
Stevie says, "Hi folks, I'm enjoying myself at my new home. I'm actually now sleeping ON their bed, and ON my mommy's sweatshirt in this picture! Lots of ♥ here! Thanks to you all!! ♥ 
- Susan E.
"This is our Maximillion Chance Warner-Csintyan, who found us through the Michigan Rescue Network this last June. He has made our family complete! Special thanks to Chelsea G. and Rebecca B. Thank you all for all that you do to help these babies find their forever homes! ♥ "
-Jennifer W.C.
"Here is our little girl Bella that we adopted through the Michigan Rescue Network this year and her big sis Madi"
-Kim S.
Michigan Rescue Network is happy to be teaming up with Stiggy's Dogs and we are proud to announce that Betty is our first Stiggy's Dog! She is all smiles in this photo with her new owner, Dave! We look forward to working with Stiggy's in the future to rescue one to rescue another and to help pets find their way home.

Thank you Stiggy's Dogs!
Stiggy's Dogs
Dave and BettyDave and Betty
Dave and BettyDave and BettyDave and Betty
Dave and BettyDave and BettyDave and BettyDave and Betty
Dave and BettyDave and BettyDave and Betty
Dave and BettyDave and Betty
Dave and Betty
Dave and BettyDave and Betty